Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Snowy, Frosty, Icy Town

For several days when I'd drive in to work, the temps were so low that all the trees were frosted over.

Temperatures surrounding the actual storm produced these giant icicles that dripped all over the little decorative pines below. Then the thermometer took a dive and we didn't get above freezing for a week and everything stayed iced up.

The snow was so heavy during that first storm that trees all over town suffered broken branches. This one's outside our backdoor at work. After some emergency chain saw work, we can get in and out but we're still waiting for the rest to be removed.


The creek that runs through town has looked like this all month.  There's a spot I found behind some businesses that gives me this close up view of the creek, which otherwise runs through private property. From the road you can only see tiny glimpses of the creek in a meadow. This spot runs on the far side of the meadow as it disappears into the woods again.

Back there at my spot is a tiny corral with a horse.
He always comes to the fence to have a look at me.
He seems like a lonely horse. I don't even know if anyone lives in the
old houses near his corral.

Lonely Horse's little shelter.

Love these icicles!

These are the longest icicles I've ever seen.

Almost touching the snow below!

We went into town for our favorite Chinese food one weekend night
and we took a camera.
We stopped at some cool icicles and snow hanging from a bank building.
Because it was night, the photos came out really orange,
which makes them kind of neat.

The Fisherman ventured underneath the hanging snow and
took the next photo from the back.
I can hardly believe all that snow was just hanging there, icicles still in tact.

I took this photo with the flash, giving it a totally different look.

A nearby building had a bare tree bending in toward the building.
It got frozen in by icicles.

Lower branches of the captive tree had some interesting ice patterns.

While taking pictures of the amazing icicles and snow,
we enjoyed an amazing moonrise.
A not so amazing photo shows that big, bright circle is the MOON!

Before we even made it to town we came upon some beautiful scenes.

 The antelope have been hanging out near the fence lately. It's fun to see them close.

On the way in to town we saw a pretty sunset.
The Fisherman took this picture for me because I wanted one of the
 juniper trees with their half clumped, half green branches.
The gentle colors of the clouds were a beautiful bonus!

After another snowstorm, the temperatures stayed really low again for a few days.
On one morning commute along the highway, everything was frosted up.
For miles in every direction all was frosted over.
The pastures, the hills, tall pines, short junipers.
Everything everywhere was frosted.
The ground was covered with snow and trees showed their green from underneath a layer of frosty white. Along the highway, I noticed the south side of the trees were frosted while the north sides showed more green.
The odd thing was, a couple miles outside of town it switched. The frost was now on the north side and trees showed their green on the south sides. Weird.

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