Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dancing Christmas Lights

There's an insurance office in town that has quite a Christmas light display.

The thing that's so special about this display is that it's linked to the music playing on a particular radio station.  There's a sign outside the building that says to tune in to the specific frequency and enjoy the lights as they flash to the music.

We discovered that there are three songs playing in a loop. I can imagine how complicated it would be to program such a thing. One was the Tchaichosky piece from the Nutcracker, redone with the rock energy of Trans Siberian Orchestra. (At least I think it's one of theirs. Love their Christmas music with that screaming guitar. What a different take on traditional Christmas songs!)

Another song in the production is Feliz Navidad, sung originally by Jose Feliciano. Candycane striped tree trunks blinked in sync to beat of the chorus, "Feliz navidad! Feliz navidad, prospero ano y felizidad"

Thanks, Insurance Company People, for putting on this fun Christmas treat for everyone in your communties! It's been a lot of fun for everyone.

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