Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thistles, Thistles! Everywhere!

Several years ago, we had a couple Thistles in the area.  Then we had a couple on our property.

And now they are everywhere.

I really like them.  they have such cute flower, and, as I said before, I love purple.  This is more of a lavender or a pinkish purple, and I like it, too.

I took these photos along a road with a typical form of fencing for our area: barbed wire.  There are several things that say "RURAL":  worn split rail fencing,  beat up old trucks,  gravel roads, cows or horses in a field.  Barbed wire fencing is another.

And Thistles.  Though they are a weed, and have nasty thorny stems and leaves, I do like their little spikey "hats".

These are some gentle photos of just a few thistles along a roadside.  I didn't get out to our little fruit tree orchard to take a photo of the solid 3ft x 6ft patch of hundreds of them.  I wish I had.  Thistles are just weeds, but wasn't it nice of  God to put such a cute flower on top of them?  Weeds are a result of the first sin in the Garden of Eden.  But I think God made some of them pretty for us as a gesture of kindness.

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