Thursday, September 9, 2010


It's amazing to me how quickly mushrooms spring up when it gets really rainy.

During those weeks where we had so much rain every day that I'm still collecting water out of the basement, mushrooms started coming up all over the place.  It was at the same time I was dogsitting Clancy and as I would take him out walking several times a day, I'd see new mushrooms breaking through the gravel and pine needles.  For such delicately skinned things, I always wonder that they can push through the forest floor without getting damaged.

We had a few varieties of them, too.  I like these little flat topped ones.

These look like they might be the same as above, only at an earlier stage?  These kind always remind me of Walt Disney's cartoon, I think it was, Fantasia where mushrooms turned into Chinese dancers with thier broad cone shaped hats.

This one pushed up through the earth and carried with it some of the soil.  I love that!

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