Saturday, September 8, 2012

That Tree's Got To Go

We have a lot of dead trees on our property. The Fisherman has felled many of them already. Our "yard" has been kind of a mess for years because we haven't gotten all of them stacked neatly or cut into firewood. We have a lot more clearing and thinning to do, too.

But we have always left a little island of trees in the middle of the "yard". We've liked it. We wanted to keep it. It had one big cottonwood and several small spruce. I don't have a good pictures handy showing the whole island but here's one showing the trunks. Just behind the "slash pile", and just as wide as it, you can see  the island. One trunk is at the left, a couple in the middle and two to the right. A nice big cottonwood trunk is hiding behind two little trunks in the middle.

The Fisherman cut down all the little ones yesterday, leaving the beautiful cottonwood standing alone.
But you can see, it's just to close to our little cabin.

Also, in the photo above, take note of at least two wood stacks (highlighted by the lovely blue tarps, the bane of Alaska). There's a third one out of view. Each of those stacks was between two tall trees. The Fisherman had to cut all six trees down, leaving only enough trunk to hold up our firewood.

Last night, when I got back from work, the lone cottonwood was roped and tied off, way out to the right of it in two places. First thing this morning, The Fisherman took it down.

You can see how it would have hit the cabin if it blew down in that direction.
As it was, The Fisherman took it down parallel to the cabin.

And, it's gone. Down.

No more island of trees. And our cabin is safer.

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