Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tedious Defined. Tedium Lived.

I am doing a series of Biblical word studies. I'm using Bible Gateway, an online concordance. I'm putting in my key words and receiving the resulting lists of verses and references. To make them useful to me over a long haul I'm copying all these verses and pasting them into a document from which I can print and place them in a three ring binder.

It's wonderful except that the format comes out all funky when pasted into a document. The scripture reference comes out at the end of the previous verse, rather than at the beginning of a new line. At the end of the verse there's also this extra line containing links to the whole chapter and such which is useful only when you're actually online.

The words I'm looking up have anywhere from 16 to over 300 references in the Bible. Over 300. Three hun-dred.

Tedious Defined:
Going through my pasted documents and placing the cursor in front of EVERY scripture reference and pressing enter. Then, going back to EVERY scripture and deleting the unwanted line (so I don't waste 3 ink cartridges and 400 pieces of paper printing the unwanted lines.)

Tedium Lived:
for the last two hours. For 3 hours another day and 2 hours yet another day. For ? hours tomorrow.

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