Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Day After Chrismas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day yesterday. Whatever is meaningful to you - be it full-on frenzy around the tree or quiet moments gazing at the lights and ornaments... be it tons of family around with chaos in the kitchen or mellow one-on-one time with your dear family - I hope you had it yesterday.

We had a nice day. It was our first Christmas Day without family. My first ever. We got up late...seems we've been out past midnight every night this week. We lounged around a little while and then decided to hike up the neighborhood mountain which is practically in my brother's backyard. (That's where we're staying, at my brother's, while he and his family are back east for Christmas.) It was beautiful weather for a little hike: cool and crisp, bright blue sky. We enjoyed the desert, the views, and being out in nature.

Later in the afternoon we went to our friends', Eldon and Trish's house. We had a really nice time hanging out, cooking and eating dinner, and then watching Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. My husband and I are known to quote movie lines all the time. We have several from this movie that always seem to work their way into our ordinary conversation, "just nipped!" and Thaaaannnkkkk youuuuuu!" to name a couple.

We had a nice day. Hope you did, too.

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