Monday, September 28, 2009

Touching Base 2

Well, Festival #1 is over with. We are very pleased with the weekend, especially in this economy. One of the nicest features of the weekend was the absence of 30 mile per hour we've had in years past. Oh, and no microbursts .... like last year...which tore down 15 tents, sending two of them sailing over the fence just one tent away from us. This weekend was beautiful with blue skies and somewhat blazing sun. Temps in the 80's. We had tons of fun visiting with people who came to our booth, both friends and strangers. So many people who came to the booth have been to Alaska. We met people who used to live there and our photos made them pine for "home". Alaska sure gets in your blood. We had some happenstance visits from long ago friends, and some visits from folks who knew we'd be there and came to see us. It was a lot of fun.

Festival #2, we have learned, is going to be pretty dismal. Very few vendors will be there but we're going to go ahead and do it. We'll see.

I'm still hoping that this week MIGHT afford me the chance to finish posting about Alaska. I have a backlog of chores, business and emails to attend to.

If you're so inclined, here's some things going on that you could pray for us for:
- our church search
- I need a job
- I have lots of adjusments on my plate right now
- the daunting task of going through boxes and finding a place for everything can be put off no longer

Later to you all! :-)

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