Saturday, May 2, 2009

Alaska Bound

I am headed up north tomorrow and then we're off to Alaska in a few more days. I'm hoping I can post every few days while we're there. It will be at the mercy of internet cafes, travel agendas, and travel spontanaeties.

One of the things we'll do when we get to the Kenai Peninsula is go to our property and work on our cabin. Insulation and tongue & groove interior boards await us. We're bringing up a twin bed so The Fisherman can possibly stay at the cabin some of the summer. Our property is 17 miles away from where he works. That's kind of a long way when you sometimes have to be there at 5:45 a.m. so he has another campsite arranged right in town.

Speaking of "bringing up a twin bed", you probably can't imagine our living quarters. We van camp. I wish I had a picture. We have a utility van that we've put a bed in. We're able to store stuff underneath the bed and at the foot. The Fisherman installed rods to hang clothes on, bungees and wooden rods to secure his fishing poles to the ceiling, and a whole bunch of cool conveniences are velcroed to the wall, such as a flip light, an alarm clock, flashlights, and a little catchall bin. A little TV hangs from the ceiling in a custom made "cage" that holds it. Laundry bags and clothing bags also hang from the ceiling at our feet. There is no room to stand up, or barely even "kneel up" on the bed, so getting ready for the day requires some creative yoga moves.

Here's our little cabin. Still under construction, of course. When we only have a couple weeks at the beginning and end of summer to work on it, it's going to take awhile.
The view out our door.

Eventually we hope to build a "real" cabin just across the driveway perched on the edge of the trees looking out on....
Click to enlarge - there actually are mountains out there in the distance.
The current cabin - 16x20 - will become our guest cabin...someday.

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  1. Oh Judi, I love seeing your little home! And I totally get your van living quarters. That is how Randy & I travel!
    And what a view of the mountains. Breathtaking! The perfect placement for your future cabin. Someday, Randy & would love to come for a visit and stay in your guest quarters.
    We're praying for your safety as you travel. Can't wait to get your next post Judi!